Chapter 24: The Hammer Comes Down

“Cervince!” barked the Primary Investigator’s voice from the comm unit. “I saw the latest activity on the fourth floor. I think we should have enough data on the behaviour of your ‘Stray’. I am instructing you to wipe his mind and leave the blank husk to the aggressive subjects to dispose of.”

“Are we certain he has outlived his usefulness sir?”

“Enough questions! We can learn all we need from his autopsy! You will do as I say and do it quickly, before he has damaged any more subjects.”

“May I keep a backup of his mind?”

“Make a backup if you like, but I may delete it if the mood strikes.”

Cervince moved quickly to the 5th floor via the hidden lift tube. As the ‘Stray’ ran past an office door, Cervince lunged out and fastened the control collar onto Stephen’s neck from behind.

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