Chapter 22: Stirring the Pot

“Cervince!What is the status on the ‘Stray’?”

“Hehas been isolated Primary Investigator. The aggressive male was sentto kill the others in his group. For some reason, he took the femalewe have been studying hostage after killing the others.”

“Dowe know why he deviated from your orders?”

“Heseems to have developed some sort of attachment to her. His emotionalstructures have not followed the usual patterns of distortion we haveseen in the past subjects fitting his profile.”

“Isthere anything, other than exposure to your ‘Stray’ that couldaccount for this difference in this specimen?”

“Thatseems to be the only difference. My intent is to allow this to runit’s course and see where it takes us. We can always step in andterminate her if we need to. Besides, it gives the ‘Stray’ motivationto act and reveal more of his nature when in conflict.”

“Bearin mind, mind wipe and termination will probably be required when wehave our results if they are not useful.”

“I am concerned that we are missing further possible discoveries by not allowing for all of the possible implications. Would it be a problem if I kept additional files to track other data points for later research projects?”

“By all means, that kind of initiative is to be commended. It will serve you well going forward. Ii am sure more opportunities will come once this project winds down to it’s conclusion. After all, I am certain the outcome of our work will not be much of a finished project without some additional testing and development.”

“I’m still not convinced that this line of research is the best solution for our people.”

“Duly noted. Now get back to work. I don’t want to lose any new data.”

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