Chapter 16: New Variables

 “The female subject with the stray is still not following her usual passive conversion pattern.”

“What do you mean Cervince?”

“She aggressively involved herself in physical conflict with the dominant male we had expected her to bond with. It is highly unusual.”

“I want a full gene sequencing of her and the stray as well as the virus that he is infected with. Compare his virus to the one we are using.”

“We are already doing all of that. I will tell you our results as soon as we have them.”

“I also want a full diagnostic of how the viral code is integrating with their native DNA.”

“Of course Primary Investigator!”

“By the way, is the aggressive male recovering from the attack?”

“Yes Primary Investigator. His transformation helped him survive the attack by rapidly regrowing tissues. He is also showing signs of less mental degradation than usual for him at this stage. He can even compose complex sentences like one of the higher order aggresives.”

“Include him in your DNA studies then!”

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