Chapter 14 : The Madness Grows

“As we expected, the director has become a megalomaniac and a sadist. Latent parts of his personality, suppressed since childhood have become dominant. The transformation has amplified those aspects to an overwhelming level.”

“His transformation makes him usable as a warrior and a commander of warriors, but he will have to be directed.”

“Acolyte, what of the ‘Stray’ who has wandered into our little project? Didn’t you tell researcher Fladulyn that he was turning out very different? If I recall correctly, the good researcher mentioned that he was becoming an anomalous version of an aggressive. Could this indicate a possible leader type for the aggressives?”

“Thank you for your interest Primary Investigator! I have been following the ‘Stray’ to monitor his transformation. While I agree that he is anomalous, I am not sure he qualifies as an aggressive. He has not become more aggressive, and he is not showing outward signs of metamorphosis that we see in every level of that archetype. In fact, the physical restructuring of his muscular-skeletal infrastructure has drastically changed from the norm. At a cellular level, he is very different from the aggressives and baseline humanity.

“The muscle fibers of his body show density increases of eighty percent. Some of those fibers are showing a slow change into some very unique protein with an entirely unknown potential.

“The bones seem to be absorbing and integrating exotic polymers as well as metals. These compounds are forming a matrix building itself into the calcium structure of his bones and teeth

“He differs most from the aggressives and baseline humans in his brain and neurological system. Nerve conductivity has jumped by over one hundred percent. Physical brain mass has been confirmed at fifteen to twenty percent above baseline human. In short, it looks like he has begun getting smarter and faster.”

“Thank you for that interesting report! I would like you to include me directly in your status updates from now on. This ‘Stray’ may prove to be very important. I will vivasect him once this experiment is done. Then we shall see what there is to learn. Until then, you are now an acting Senior Acolyte. For the moment, you will not have a Researcher over you. I will make sure you are given access to all systems equal to that of a researcher for the duration of this project.”

“Sir, does this mean that Researcher Fladulyn has moved to another area of the project? I do hope that he does not think I created this situation in order to bypass his leadership.”

“Not to worry young Acolyte. He has been placed in a situation where he will not be thinking about you. In fact, due to his not passing your findings along in a timely manner, he has been recycled. So, if all goes well, you may find yourself promoted into permanent Researcher status as well as rights.”