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Eye of darkness

Prolog : Swallowed by the Darkness

As the darkness fills my vision, and the life fades from my body, I feel the numbness spread. The poisons poured into my aching stomach steal through my veins with a speed that scares me. Thinking back on the events that brought me here, to my death, I feel an

Eye of darkness

Infinity’s Darkness

A heroic police detective who cannot give up on neglected cases even when it’s bad for him, cannot give up when he finds a new case. Soon he is drawn into a world he could not have imagined was real. Life and death are soon in the balance when he

Short Fiction

Sometimes an idea comes to me and the story must be written. So, here is where I will be placing the results of the mad ideas that bang around in my head demanding to be let out.

Chapter 2: Device Configuration

When Matthew got back to his efficiency apartment, he had to deal with the dishes his room mate had left in the sink. Crusted layers of cereal and milk cemented in place with liberal slathering of sugar encasing it took a toll on his willingness to tolerate living with Robert.

Chapter 1: Barters and Bargains

Matthew did great at the interview. They loved his new tie. His suit (the best he could find at the thrift shop) had come out of the dry cleaner’s beautiful and perfectly mended. He had no problem answering the tech questions. He suspected the cute blonde who interviewed him was

Prolog : Prototype

Sally Strect lay motionless, her dark auburn hair fanned out around her head, in the ergonomic medical recliner. Her breathing was slow and even. The monitors and respirator worked diligently and evenly. “The chip has been removed sir. We will now move the patient to recovery.” said the lead doctor

Infinity’s Hack

Losing his parents in college wiped out Matthew’s finances and almost cost his career. Getting a bargain on tech he needs to put his life back on track has consequences that he could never have imagined… An out of control corporation and a strangely sentient device could be the end

Chapter 2: A New Family

“Daddy!”she screamed as Silvia jolted awake. “No.I told you to call me Uncle.” Said a masculine voice outside of the SUV and a bit behind her. “By the way, I have a much better place for you to rest if you would like to continue your nap.”Looking around, Silvia realized