Prolog : Changing the Experiment

Alontheus broke into the lab with relative ease. The computer took a little more effort. Their research was impressive, but sloppy. It was as if most of the work had been done by competent researchers and then slapped together by lesser scientists in a rush. The foundation of the research was solid, but the conclusions and the suggested actions were flawed due to sloppy follow up.

There, in their own laboratory, surrounded by their samples and grand experiments, Alontheus did a careful rewrite of their work. On the surface, it would look the same. Only someone of the quality of the original research team would be able to see his changes. To hide his work Alontheus also modified small parts of each and every study. Each change was small and inconsequential, but collectively they changed everything.

Finishing up his work on the redesign for the weapon, Alontheus turned his attention to the actual field test. He had some interesting ideas for the test.

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