Chapter 4 : Investing in the Future

Far away, on in a secluded suburb of San Francisco, an early visitor rang the doorbell of Diana Nanette Alberts.

“Can I help you sir?”she said while pushing a strand of crimson hair back behind one ear.

“I think you can. My name is Alan Theopolis. Is it true that you are a lawyer specializing in corporate law?”

“I am a lawyer, but I am not taking clients just now. My grandmother is sick and I am taking time to be with her while I can…” irritation showed in the slight narrowing of her striking green eyes.

“I understand, but I need to talk to you privately. I have a proposal that may help you take care of your grandmother better. It will only take a few minutes.”

She stepped back uncertainly from the door. “If this is some sort of sales pitch or scam, you will be finding out how good a lawyer I am very soon.” she said to the stranger as she led him into the living room. Her green blouse rippled and billowed slightly as she sat and daintily crossed her white silk clad legs. “Sit and tell me about this ‘proposal’. You have five minutes to make your case.”

“It’s quite simple, I have a client who will be needing a great deal of legal advice and help in about three days. He is going to, at that time, have need of a very good lawyer. I am prepared to offer you a substantial retainer and a contract for services for the next two years. You will be allowed to work from home as needed and allowed to subcontract anything that can not be done in that way.”

“Please,” she replied with a smirk, “describe ‘substantial’”…

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