Prolog : An Audience With the Queen

Sylvarsant waited patiently for the Destroyer. She knew he would come. Because of who she was and because of who he was, it could end no other way.

She had no regrets. She had done what she had to. Just as he had been trying to do what he had to do. She had been the last hope of her kind and she had helped him destroy his own kind. He had been the last hope and the greatest doom of his own people.

At last, he arrived. Outwardly he looked the same as he had when he had come to her for help so many years ago. Still, she knew they both had changed a great deal in those years. She had finally fulfilled her destiny and become the mother of the renewed Drakon race. In doing so, she had begun her transformation into the 40 ft. drakon form she now wore. She was proud of the platinum glory of her scales. The destroyer seemed unfazed by the changes. Bowing deeply, he greeted her, ”Hello First Mother. Am I mistaken, or have I been expected?” This last was delivered with a knowing smile as he glanced up at her. ”I have brought two things with me. One is a great treasure, the other is your doom. I require you to tell me some history. Then we shall see which I will deliver.”

“Please make yourself comfortable then my old friend,” she said with as little irony as she could. “Since you do not seem particular about the time you wish to learn about, I will tell you of our greatest adventure and shame as a people.”

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